Santa Paula Historical Society Membership

Calendar of Events:

  • Annual Meeting and Dinner with Guest Speaker — March
  • Main Fall Event Historical Tour — November
  • Museum Exhibit Openings — Every Three Months


Annual Dinner Meeting - in a formal setting, in town, with an "exceptional" guest speaker following the annual meeting.

Main Fall Event - is usually an all-day tour of near-by historical sights or locations. Lunch is included.

2 Exhibits - openings at the CA Oil Museum: Includes viewing the exhibit with a corresponding guest speaker.

Please direct inquiries and questions in writing to:

Santa Paula Historical Society

PO Box 842

Santa Paula, California 93061



Membership Dues:

Individual - $20

Couple/Family - $25

Business/Organization - $50

Patron - $100

Memberships include a complimentary copy of:

From Metates to Macdam, Short history of Santa Paula from pre-historic times to 1917.

These two citrus box labels once decorated crates of Limoneira lemons. Click the image below to see a  larger, full color image.

Local citrus box label titled Santa bearing a Santa Claus figure. Image links to a larger version of the old label. A second citrus box label titled Paula depicts a lady holding a fan. The two labels are often desplayed together.
Santa Paula Women's Relief Society

The Santa Paula Women's Relief Society.